How it works

Technology change the way we live our daily life, we stay ahead in the security industry by providing the best thechnology to provide a piece of mind to our client.

TRACKTIK trends & analytic tools

While most security companies wouldn't want to provide you access to real-time incident views at your property, we at Centurion International Security Services think differently. We believe in honesty and to be transparent with our clients. What we see..YOU SEE!!

Check real-time updated analytic charts so we can identify areas of issues and take preventative measures to resolving the problem, so you can have piece of mind!

TRACKTIK - Eliminating paper reporting

When there's an incident, recording all the details and information correctly is the first priority. Manually performing these tasks can be a challenge to any officer, as well as retrieving those past incident report can be stressful for our client.

Track tick allows our officer to instantly capture picture, video and write a detailed incident report that is automatically sent to management. This information is also stored in a cloud base system where it can be retrieved anytime, any day!